Thursday, 20 November 2014

Angels watch over me please..

Just changing some angels giving them a little gold leaf.. Here they are drying on an old kitchen cake rack.

I've done something awful to my back, this afternoon I went to the local cottage hospital in Falmouth for Xrays.. Fun, fun fun, couldn't get my socks or boots off let alone my leggings then the indignity of trying to get up onto the Xray table with one of those dresses on with the giant slit up the back... Fun, fun fun.. Got to laugh, pain killers are working...

Thursday, 25 September 2014

An exhibition about death, led me to 'Fannie..

Well, where to begin.. A few months ago I wandered into an exhibition at Fannie and Fox, it was an unusual exhibition about death.. Not many of those about.. I was intrigued as you might imagine. I got talking to a lady who turned out to be the owner, Pam Tongue.

She explained that the gallery was evolving and was soon to become a co-operative.. As we hadn't yet moved to Falmouth and were still living in Constantine I didn't think much more about it.. Then I thought, why not show this lady my work, so I took my box. Which is about loss and memories..  
Pam loved it, and once again said about the co-op, and maybe I could be a guest artist when I moved to Falmouth.
So some weeks later after a frustrating move. (That is putting it politely). I was a guest artist at Fannie & Fox. Complete with 'Sailors and Sail Boats  ' and 'Sailors and Dancers'.
One thing led to another...  And now I am on a new journey with a group wonderful artists at Fannies... We take it in turns to 'man' the gallery a couple of times a month.. And that is where I shall be today... 
So Ta ta for now..