Thursday, 25 September 2014

An exhibition about death, led me to 'Fannie..

Well, where to begin.. A few months ago I wandered into an exhibition at Fannie and Fox, it was an unusual exhibition about death.. Not many of those about.. I was intrigued as you might imagine. I got talking to a lady who turned out to be the owner, Pam Tongue.

She explained that the gallery was evolving and was soon to become a co-operative.. As we hadn't yet moved to Falmouth and were still living in Constantine I didn't think much more about it.. Then I thought, why not show this lady my work, so I took my box. Which is about loss and memories..  
Pam loved it, and once again said about the co-op, and maybe I could be a guest artist when I moved to Falmouth.
So some weeks later after a frustrating move. (That is putting it politely). I was a guest artist at Fannie & Fox. Complete with 'Sailors and Sail Boats  ' and 'Sailors and Dancers'.
One thing led to another...  And now I am on a new journey with a group wonderful artists at Fannies... We take it in turns to 'man' the gallery a couple of times a month.. And that is where I shall be today... 
So Ta ta for now..